The Vampire Diaries Promo: Travel Back to the 1920s in Episode 3.03

This week's episode of The Vampire Diaries was filled with a lot of blood, and a lot of failure.  Klaus and Stefan took a newly turned Ray back to his werewolf pack to complete his transformation to a hybrid.  But after completing his change to a vampire and turning the other werewolves into vampires as well, Klaus was severely disappointed when it become clear that all the hybrids were ill.  Instead of becoming like him, they all started bleeding from their eyes and screaming in pain. Later, Klaus couldn't understand why the transformations didn't work, but Stefan and the audience soon realized it's because Elena isn't dead like Klaus thinks she is.

Elena, still determined to find Stefan, convinced Alaric to take her to the mountains to track down the werewolf pack and her wayward boyfriend.  But Alaric secretly told Damon to come with them and the trio were attacked by a sick and vicious Ray, who had escaped Klaus and Stefan.  He became feral and eventually Stefan met up with his brother and saved him, but once again told him to leave him alone.  Back home, Damon told Elena that he won't give up on Stefan, but that he wants her to remember she has feelings for him when Stefan returns. Read More...


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