The Office Review: Such A Right-Sider

Even though there may be a little one on the way, this was the first season premiere of The Office without Michael Scott, and that is not a good thing.

"The List" did a lot of things well, but at the end of the day Steve Carell created such an iconic character - with an aura that will be extremely difficult to replace - that there's really no way to compete with what The Office once was.

It's a new era, but it's one that still has promise.  Andy Bernard was a great choice as the new regional manager.  Let me clarify.  Andy was a great choice by the people of The Office, because he is similar enough to Michael that the fabric of the series won't have to change all that much, but he's also different enough that it won't be all repeats it might have been with Deangelo Vickers. Read More...


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