Top Moments: Castle's White Lie and The X Factor's Naked Truth

Our top moments of the week:

14. Best Blast from the Past: Six years after attempting to cheat on her on How I Met Your Mother, Ted gets the shock of his life when he spots Miss Buttercup herself, Victoria (Ashley Williams), catering the Architects Ball. We know canonically that Victoria's not the mother, but she was among our favorites of Ted's girlfriends (and he's had a lot), so it's nice to see her again, even if her only purpose is to restore the jaded romantic's faith in romance.

13. Best First Dance: Who knew moves like Jagger involves rooster chest-puffing and cat-clawing? But then again, Carson Kressley is always ahead of the trends. The Dancing with the Stars hopeful puts on an infectious, show-stopping cha-cha that is far from being technically perfect, but is perfectly entertaining, totally committed and endlessly glittery. As the former Queer Eye guy himself promised: "Nobody's going to be working harder than I am to compensate for my lack of talent." Keep it up, Carson, and the Mirrorball may just be yours!

12. Most Awesome Comeback: During a Senate hearing on Criminal Minds about the BAU's rogue pursuit of Ian Doyle, defiant Reid comes out to play. In the hot seat for having suggested the team use Doyle as bait, Reid forcefully explains his logic and actions to a decidedly unamused Senator Cramer in his typical (not to mention nerdy) rapid-fire pace. "Calm down, Agent," Cramer demands. Reid fires back: "This is calm, and it's Doctor." Oh, snap! Read More...


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