THE SECRET CIRCLE "Bound" Season 1 Episode 2 - The members of the circle continued their attempts to convince Cassie that binding their power is the best option, this week. It worked too – after a few fires, exploding bulbs and a dead student president.

We learned a bit more about the personalities of the members of the circle this week, as well as more about the previous circle composed of the teens’ parents. They were on a boat when a fire broke out and killed at least one of each pair of parents: Cassie and Faye’s fathers, Melissa and Adam’s mothers, and both of Nick’s parents. I was left confused as to the ages of the parents involved – we’re told the previous circle were teens when the fire occurred, but all of the kids had already been born and at least one set of parents (Dawn and Faye’s father) were married. It seems odd that all six kids would have been born to teen parents.

I’m going to guess that the surviving parents belonged to the oft mentioned six families of witches, which would make the deaths of both of Nick’s parents interesting. Unless they all came from the six families, in which case it makes me wonder why the circle has to be comprised of those six particular teens. Don’t they have cousins or other relatives? It’ll be interesting to see whether this is mentioned in the show at any point. Read More...


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