ARCHER “Heart of Archness Part 2? Review

ARCHER "Heart of Archness" Season 3 Episode 2 – The "Heart of Archness, Part Two" the second of three special episodes roars onto the screen in one of the best ARCHER’S ever. When we left Archer, he had just freed himself from a hoard of pirates—after having to kill almost all of them himself—and decided he was going to be their Pirate King. ISIS sent agents to rescue him, and they were very nearly putting effort into it. Picking up there, Archer is embracing his Pirate-y Kingness in every way he can—except for actually being a pirate of course. Lana is searching for him, sort of, and back at headquarters, Malory is fretting and Cyril is happily storing away the ISIS payroll into his own private Swiss bank accounts.

Business as usual, Archer style.

The pirates decide that Archer really isn’t so great at being a king, egged on by one-time rescuer Rip Riley, now less than pleased with his position as prisoner. They decide he shouldn’t be king and challenge him to a "fight to the death" kind of fight. Meanwhile, Rip manages to free himself and get a message off to ISIS, and things get more interesting … Archer, intent on not returning to ISIS, shoots the radio. The pirates, intent on removing Sterling, start a mutiny. Malory, intent on believing Archer is alive, believes that he will cooperate with Rip. Read More...


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