THE MENTALIST “Scarlett Ribbons” Season 4 Episode Premiere Review

THE MENTALIST "Scarlett Ribbons" Season 4 Episode Premiere – I have a funny feeling I should probably wait more than a few minutes after watching this episode to review it. Why? Because my gut instinct after seeing that last scene is to be a bit disappointed.

I understand that the whole premise of this show is that Jane is hunting an evil monster named Red John who killed his family. I get it. Red John is the bad guy and killing him off meant an end to a huge era in the show. But I gotta say, I was pretty excited about that. I was excited about the prospect of seeing what happens to Jane when he no longer has this one purpose in life. When he is no longer spending every waking moment, when he’s not working on cases, thinking about that man.

Maybe the writers thought that not having Red John around would somehow ruin the show for us viewers, but I disagree. Jane is still Jane and all of his wacky personality traits are going to be there whether he’s after Red John or not. Would we also lose that underlying seriousness he has withoutRed John in the picture? I doubt it. He is still a man who has lost his family after all. But why not let him move into a new phase of his life? Read More...


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