COMMUNITY “Biology 101? Review

Community "Biology 101?, Season 3 Episode 1 – Man, does it feel good to have Community back!

I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel about Community returning for its third season. I was having a hard time getting excited about the season returning, despite all of the great guest star announcements they made in the off-season. Could they really recapture the hilarity of the first two seasons? Would the "random" humor remain fresh? Well, all of my fears were quickly put to rest by the hilarious opening musical number to start off the season. What a great way to welcome everybody back from the summer.

There have definitely been some changes to the group in the off-season. The group’s supposedly matured, the dean’s grown a goatee, and Chang has moved into the air vents. Not only that, but we’ve already met two of the much hyped about guest stars: John Goodman and Michael Williams. Both of these actors are much better known for their dramatic work, so it’s always great to see dramatic actors juxtaposed with comedic roles. Goodman really killed it, but Williams really wasn’t given that many funny lines. We’ll see how these characters pan out in future episodes. I’d really like to see more from Goodman, and I know he’s signed on to do at least 6 episodes, so hopefully we’ll get more. Read More...


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