PARKS AND RECREATION “I’m Leslie Knope” Review

PARKS AND RECREATION "I’m Leslie Knope" Season 4 Episode 1 – The season four premiere ofPARKS AND RECREATION aired today on NBC. Picking up right where the season three finale left off, "I’m Leslie Knope" carries on the story of Leslie running for office, but with one hitch – she’s dating herboss and nobody knows.

Now Leslie has to make a decision between Ben and her political career, and it’s not an easy one! Ron has vacated Pawnee and left for his cabin in the woods to hide out from his ex-wife "Tammy One"; and Ann is bombarded with naked pictures of the male staff at the office.

You know, just your normal episode of Parks and Recreation! The writers continue to do an amazing job on this show, there hasn’t been an episode yet that has failed at humor. "I’m Leslie Knope" was no exception.

From Leslie attempts to break up with Ben (which she tries to do several times but always ends up doing the opposite), to Tom dropping off swag for his new business venture 720, and Andy becoming Leslie’s new assistant, there isn’t ONE thing to pinpoint that makes Parks and Recreation funny. It’s just a show that WORKS. Read More...


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