FRINGE “Neither Here Nor There” Review

FRINGE "Neither Here Nor There" Season 4 Episode 1 - After taking viewers to the alterverse with an amazing finish to Season 3, the big question this summer has been how will FRINGE top it in Season 4. In tonight’s premiere, we see what has happened one week since the events of last season’s finale. The two universes have been connected via the Doomsday Device and an uneasy truce exists between our world and the alterverse. The team investigates a series of bizarre deaths that leaves the victims translucent, including FBI Agent Lincoln Lee’s partner. When the team tracks down the killer with Lee’s help, we learn that the killers themselves are not normal, they are man-machine hybrids similar to the shapeshifters from the alterverse. In the end, Lee joins the Fringe team and is introduced to Fauxlivia, opening his eyes to both universes. Read More...


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