SUPERNATURAL Season 7 Premiere “Meet The New Boss” Review

SUPERNATURAL Season 7 Premiere "Meet The New Boss" – Oh Supernatural, you cruel, cruel show. You make us wait all summer to see what happens after Castiel declared himself as the new God and then you show us how wrathful he is, only to have him realize the mistake he’s made, ask for help, regurgitate all the souls, die, come back to life and then get possessed by a Leviathan.

When I interviewed Misha at Comic Con for Daemon’s TV, he told us that the writers had managed to surprise him right out of the gate with the new script and now I know exactly what he meant. I just figured this "big bad" they all kept talking about was Castiel himself (with a few billion extra souls inside), I had no clue that they were going to have his body basically taken over by an entirely new being.

Honestly I can’t decide how I feel about it though. I miss Castiel, I really do, but I’m also very excited to see Misha play this new villain. I like the actor as much as I like the character so I can enjoy seeing him do something new. But again, my heart hopes that we will see our beloved Cass again. I truly can’t even begin to think that our nerdy little angel is dead… matter what that thing inside his vessel says. Read More...


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