BLUE BLOODS “Mercy” Season 2 Premiere Review

BLUE BLOODS "Mercy" Season 2 Episode 1 Review – Last season of the NYC family cop drama ended with a serious bang when the Reagans uncovered a huge gang of dirty cops who were responsible for the murder of their son and brother Joe. It’ll be hard to top that finale, but season two had a bloody beginning when a man is found dead in his car. It turns out he’s a right hand man of the new mayor, and the husband of one of Erin’s friends who she just happened to be out to dinner with, so when Danny calls her with the news it just makes sense she’ll break it to the poor widow. Way to pass the buck Danny. We also see Frank tender his letter of resignation. Collective gasp! Has officer Reagan lost his faith in the police force after what happened to his son? Does he want more time to sit home and watch Law and Order? It turns out this is just procedure when the city gets a new mayor, and he’ll probably be asked to stay. Whew.

Getting the fancy dress ball portion out of the way early in the season, Erin accompanies her father to a gala held by the new mayor. And then Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood start singing, and my soul dies a little. The song, It Had to Be You, is perfectly respectable, and Underwood and Bennett do it justice, but it just stops the action cold; you can practically hear the screeching tires. I also didn’t appreciate the blatant sales pitch for Mr. Bennett’s new CD, that’s for commercials. Read More...


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