Popotan Complete Collection Review

Why would Sentai Filmworks bother to license rescue this onetime Geneon title? The answer comes early and often: plentiful fan service. Only one episode passes without finding some excuse to show the sisters, Mea, and/or their female friends in the buff and with full nipplage showing; most commonly this happens in bath or hot springs scenes, although see-through nighties or simply walking around with inadequate clothing also have their turns. Producer SHAFT was even kind enough to stock the series with a wide enough variety of bust types to suit all tastes: Ai is the busty one, Mai and Mea are the self-consciously modest-sized ones (though despite all the flat-chested jokes, they do actually have figures), and Mii is the lolicon bait, with other female characters running the gamut in between. Undergarment shots, breast-size jokes, and groping abound, and one implied sex scene is even thrown in for good measure. Heavy fan service is always a proven seller, and Sentai doubtless found this one to be a bargain since they did not have to do any production on it beyond the disk menus and packaging, so in cases like this the quality of the content does not really matter much. . .

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