NIKITA “Game Change” Review

NIKITA "Game Change" Season 2 Episode 1 – When reviewing Revenge earlier this week I likened it to a guilty pleasure. It’s a show that knows how bad it is and revels in its corniness. Nikita is a show that revels in how good it wants to be. The heavy tone Nikita strives for is unattainable, mainly due to the frankly awful acting, directing and writing, and thus Nikita, instead of reaching pinnacles of high drama, often cedes into mediocre banality.

So, why do I love this show so much? It’s not Alias. It’s not Luc Besson’s film. Yet I can’t help but reach for Youtube immediately following an episode to get just a taster of the next episode. Why?

If there’s one word to describe the cast it would be charmless. I am, of course, excluding Melinda Clarke who has perfected her villain routine and stands out as a true scene stealer whenever she’s on screen. Nikita herself is played by Irish/Chinese actress Maggie Q, who has an awesome name (her surname is actually Quigley), awesome moves, awesome looks and when you see her interviewed on shows like George Lopez’s, she’s charming and hilarious and incredibly likable. Alas, when she acts, she’s devoid of all of these qualities and turns lines which really shouldn’t be all that bad into laughable drab clichés. Shane West is worse and he and Miss Q have about as much onscreen chemistry as a squid and a hoover. Read More...


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