DOCTOR WHO “Closing Time” Review

DOCTOR WHO "Closing Time" Season 6, Episode 12 – Although the antagonists in this week’sDoctor Who episode were the Cybermen (complete with Cybermat), it didn’t feel like the purpose of the episode was really just about The Doctor saving the Earth from the Cybermen threat again.

The second to last stop on The Doctor’s "farewell tour" of the Universe was to visit an old friend, Craig Owens, for a "social call." Craig was one of my favorite non-recurring Doctor Who characters and I was thrilled to have him pop up once again. The two have a great comedic chemistry that makes me feel as though I’m watching two old college roommates run amok. I loved the running gags about the two of them being "partners" and when Craig became a blubbering fool thinking that The Doctor was trying to kiss him, I about died laughing.

For a man who has saved the Universe time and time again, The Doctor has accepted his fated death with an exhausted resignation. If it wasn’t for the delightful playfulness of their banter which offset The Doctor’s bleak reflections, this episode would have been rather depressing. Read More...


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