THE CLEVELAND SHOW "BFF’s" Season 3 Episode 1 – If you had any doubt that the best friends in question in "BFF’s," the season premiere of the The Cleveland Show, would be Cleveland and Peter Griffin…then you don’t know Seth MacFarlane very well. Whatever else you can say about him, the man is the master of cross-promotion.

When he finds out that Peter has visited Stoolbend without so much as poking him on Facebook to tell him, Cleveland is despondent, wondering what he did to lose the friendship of a man who blatantly hates his own daughter. He becomes "that" friend…you know, the one who constantly calls and texts and writes on your wall. (In a brilliant nod to one of my favorite Family Guy eps, Peter’s ringback tone is "Bird is the Word." Love it.)

When he finally resorts to making the trip to Rhode Island, Peter basically blows him off, telling him that he moved away and they’re not friends anymore. This after two seasons of random crossovers. Typical Peter.

So, Cleveland turns his attention to his new circle of friends in Virginia and convinces them all to go on canoe trip in the woods. Is that a banjo I hear? Again, if you were surprised that they ended up being kidnapped by redneck rapists, you’re beautifully naive about these shows. Read More...


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