AMERICAN DAD “Hot Water” Review

AMERICAN DAD "Hot Water" Season 7, Episode 1 – The seventh season of American Dad opened up with a Little Shop of Horrors 80?s pop-opera parody that – as Cee-Lo Green explained – was a cautionary tale regarding casual hot tub purchases.

This American Dad episode skipped the normal opening and loaded the rest of the half hour with consecutive musical numbers. Honestly, every song was really catchy. As expected, the lyrics were absurd, but somehow they worked to tell the tale of Stan’s purchase of an "anything goes" used hot tub.

Cee-Lo Green was a brilliant choice as the voice of the hot tub and even as the plot kept getting more and more strange, I was happy to hear the hot tub sing whatever it wanted to sing.

As usual, my favorite scenes from the night involved Roger and maybe my only real complaint is that there wasn’t enough Roger in this episode. I loved when he climbed into Principal Lewis’ car and spiraled into the school as he attempted to drive himself to soccer practice. Read More...


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