BREAKING BAD “Crawl Space” Review

Breaking Bad "Crawl Space", Season 4 Episode 11 – Wow. So…that just happened. I feel like after tonight we can now officially classify television into two categories: Breaking Bad, and then everything else.

I really can’t think of any other television series in history that can be so consistent for four straight seasons, and not only be just as good in the fourth season as it was in the first, but be improving. It’s completely remarkable, and it frankly makes me sick that 28 million people watch Two and a Half Men but barely anybody watches this. All right, well that’s enough grandstanding for one night. Let’s get down to it.

We picked up right after the end of last week’s thrilling conclusion, where we see Jesse hightailing it from Don Eladio’s house with a sick Gus and injured Mike in tow. Once they both received their medical attention, Gus and Jesse started their six mile walk to the Texas/Mexico border. I was a bit disappointed how quickly they were able to get from Mexico back home. Thousands of people die every year trying to cross the borders, but a deathly injured man can waltz right up to the border, hop in a car, and get into the US so easily? Read More...


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