PAN AM “Pilot” Review

PAN AM "Pilot" Season 1 Episode 1 – In our world of baggage fees, strip searches and ten dollar honey-roasted peanuts, the new series Pan Am harkens back to the early days of air travel when flying was a pleasure, not a punishment. It also might be my favorite new series of the television season.

It’s 1963 and the Pan Am stewardesses (not flight attendants) are the beautiful face of the jet age. One in particular, Laura Cameron (Margot Robbie) has even graced the cover of Life magazine, much to the chagrin of her sister, Kate (Kelli Garner), who got her the job after encouraging her to ditch her perfect life and practically-arranged marriage to see the world. You get the feeling Kate is used to (and tired of) being upstaged by her little sister.

Perhaps that’s what led Kate to accepting a job with US Intelligence. Her first assignment happens to coincide with the launch of Pan Am’s newest clipper. On a transatlantic flight to London, she’s instructed to replace a Russian passenger’s passport with a fake one which will keep him from entering the country. Turns out it’s just a test and the Ruskie is actually her MI6 contact, but she passes and becomes the latest operative in the Cold War. Read More...


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