TERRA NOVA “Genesis” Series Premiere Advance Review

Tonight FOX unveils its highly anticipated science fiction drama, TERRA NOVATerra Nova brings us the world in the year 2149, a world much different than ours today. The Earth has been almost destroyed, there is no clean air, families are limited in number, and everyone looks pretty damn miserable. Luckily, through some scientific fluke, a rip in the fabric of time has been discovered and certain inhabitants are being transported back 85 million years to an Earth that is much "fresher" than the current one. It is their chance to start over and make it right. If they can survive the dinosaurs that is. Yes, there are dinosaurs.

Terra Nova starts off tense with the discovery of the Shannons’ illegal third child, an imprisonment and a plan. The writers do an excellent job of setting up the beginning scenes to invest the viewers before transporting them, along with the Shannons, to the new world. It has the effect of allowing the viewers to bond with the family in order to care about what happens to them next. I found it very effective. Once on Terra Nova, the intensity and pace does not slow down. In fact, I was surprised that the show clocked in at an hour and thirty minutes (no commercials for me) as it felt like it was only an hour. When I am unaware of the run time of a show, I know it is good. Read More...



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