'Law & Order: SVU' Premiere Recap: Best of 'Scorched Earth'

On the season premiere of Law & Order: SVU, the detectives investigate a case in which a hotel maid accuses an Italian diplomat of rape. The case isn't easy because the defense is wondering whether the woman has an ulterior motive.
Out With the Old, In With the New (and Familiar) 

While viewers know that Elliott Stabler will no longer be returning to the NYPD's 16th Precinct, the detectives don't. It's because of this that we feel like we're watching the show with a secret that only we know. We're left to wonder when the moment of truth will come, and how will the detectives handle it, especially Olivia?

 It's going to take a while for everyone (characters and viewers alike) to get used to Elliott's absence -- or maybe we won't get used to it all, but accept it anyway. Because his absence is very noticeable -- it just doesn't feel right. Amanda Rollins is the new detective in town, by way of Atlanta, and we're still debating whether we like her or not. Let's give it another episode or two. But we do know she'll have to bring her Olivia fangirling down a notch. District Attorney Alex Cabot is back, which is comforting to see given Elliot's departure.  Read More...



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