Sheldon Loves, Then Hates, Penny's New Chair on 'Big Bang Theory' (VIDEO)

Trying to escape Leonard video chatting with Priya, Sheldon made his way over to Penny's. There we experienced something that blew our minds on 'The Big Bang Theory' (Thu., 8PM ET on CBS) season premiere. He liked a chair he was sitting in.

We also loved the pretend married couple the two of them carried on through this scene, as Sheldon first liked the chair, and then completely freaked out when he found out she'd picked i up from the trash.

Of course, later, when the chair turned out to have something living inside it, that bit Amy, maybe Sheldon's overreaction was a bit more warranted. We can't help but desperately hope that the chair is sitting in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment at the start of the next episode -- Raj and Howard picked it up out of the trash where Penny had left it.


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