Community Recap: Return to Normalcy

In case you didn't get enough of Joel McHale singing and dancing in colorful clothing at Sunday’s Emmys, Community has what’s been ailing you for the last four days (also: seek help) in the form of a song-and-dance number to open its third season. And in the spirit of self-referential pageantry —Community’s bread, butter, and chicken tenders — ;it was a little ditty about how this season was going to be calm, normal, and potentially Jeff-and-Annie-sex-filled. "We’re gonna have more fun and be less weird than the first two years combined," sang everybody but Pierce.

Why not Pierce? It’s 99 percent likely Chevy Chase read the script and was like, "I’m not doing this crap — I was the voice of Cho Cho in The Karate Dog!" Or maybe it’s that the entire musical sequence happened in Jeff’s fantasy world, where Pierce has been kicked out of the group.

Back in reality, and not Jeff's musical dream world, Pierce has actually been kicked out of the group. The remaining members have gathered around the study table to mourn his loss, sort of. Abed and Troy share that they’re going to be living together this year, and the Dean enters, masculine as ever with "facial hair" and "not wearing lady’s things," to announce that Greendale is going to be whipped into shape. No more paintball, no more spaceships, no more trampolines … maybe this year actually will be more normal? Read More...


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