Archer: Heart of Archness Part 2 Recap

In part two of the Archer three week event, Archer finds that being Pirate King isn't at all what it's cracked up to be. In fact, it's filled with the same sort of morale issues and office politics that his old position at ISIS had. Not very much for Sterling to 'Whooo!' about after all.

At the beginning of the ep, we see that Sterling is taking advantage of all the spoils of his new title while refusing to care about any of his fellow pirates. His translator, Noah, comes in to address a series of concerns and of course Archer isn't having any of it as in a series of cutaway gags we see that clearly if Sterling's morale is up then so should everybody's.  David Cross steals the show as I figured he probably would when his character first came in last week. There are just very few people with the delivery and vocal charisma as Cross and his voice of reason character is a great balance to Archer's reckless nature. And of course Noah can go from ally to the butt of his jokes in a split second. It's true too, about the vicious cycle Rip Riley (Patrick Warburton) later mentions about how people who go for majors like anthropology only wind up teaching...anthropology. Read More...


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