'Parks And Recreation' - 'I'm Leslie Knope' Recap

Hello fellow Pawneeians! I’ll be guiding you through this fourth (fourth!) season of NBC’s "Parks and Recreation". So let’s get kicking.

The end of last season saw most of the parks department moving towards brighter futures, making their lives about a million times more complicated than they were before. Leslie and Ben decided to keep their forbidden romance from the rest of the office, which makes for a potential scandal when Leslie’s political career suddenly sprouts legs. Tom resigned so he can follow his dreams of being—well Jay-Z, I guess. Even Andy is looking to moving on from his sweet shoe shining gig, assigning his wife April to be his manager.

The premiere picks up right where last season let off, with Leslie telling Ann Perkins about her upcoming bid for a seat on the city council (yay!) but then realizing that in order to do so, she will have to break things off with Ben (baw!). Leslie’s lifelong political ambitions have been the key tenant of her character from day 1--after all, how many people spent their youth playing with homemade Geraldine Ferraro action figures? But while Leslie has spent the entire series so far looking starry eyed at pictures of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Hilary Clinton, the woman has a pretty mean romantic streak in her as well. She’s spent much of the last three seasons looking for the right match--a match she’s seemingly found in Ben.  This makes Leslie’s seemingly no-brainer decision to end things with him all the more complicated. The thought of giving up on her dream in favor of a (still secret) romance with Ben never crosses her mind, but it pains her to have to call things off when the two share such a cute, goofy, make-outy connection. Read More...



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