'The Secret Circle' recap: Explosions in the Sky

Well that was a bewitching hour, wasn't it? While I'm still not sold on the non-chemistry building between Cassie and Adam, I loved the generous Natasha Henstridge screen time and the quickly thickening war between the circles' plot. Oh, and the wars within the circles! Those are getting intense. There are three generations of circles to keep up with now, and plenty of drama circulating between them. We even have two love triangles now! Squares and heptagons! Let's dig in.

Poor Cassie. If your mother left you a posthumous letter that revealed a severely life-altering secret in the same vein as, "Hey, you're a witch with intense powers and there are people out there who probably want to kill you," you would hope for some detail, right? Well, Cassie only got a few cryptic paragraphs and a book with a drawing of six figures gathered around a fire. It's like a text message breakup, only not. So Cassie decided to test her magic, and unlike Faye, she kept it safe. She stared at a candle saying "Give me light!" for a few seconds, but it didn't work. She was about to give up when -- Lumos! -- the sun beamed through her windows. Read More...



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