Bachelorette says goodbye to another guy before home town dates

On episode seven, Bachelorette deals out one on one date to Roberto, Kirk, and Chris L. But she didn't have enough time so she had to give a two on one date with Ty and Frank. Roberto's date seem like an actually date. There was passion and he could relax. Roberto was a true gentleman. On Chris L's date, I saw two people still trying to get to know each other. I didn't see the passion that developed with Roberto already. On Kirk's date, Ali and Kirk seem to get a little closer. But yet something was missing. There was an awkward tension.

Ty and Frank also had awkward moment but that was understandable because she was on a date with two guys who have strong feeling for her. She seemed a little out of it. Frank and Ali's moment seem to blossom the relationship. They were passion and really into kissing in a tree like a bunch of monkeys. But when she had her moment with Ty, it seemed like he was avoiding questions. He was saying anything to please her. She didn't want to be a stay at home mother like Ty's mother. Ty seem to lean towards a wife like that.

Ali wasn't there in all of her dates expect for Roberto's date. The pressure of choosing the hometown dates got to her. There was no cocktail party again. Ali made up her mind. She sends Ty home. It might have something with Ty's values and how they didn't agree. She has her final four. It's quite obvious who will be the last two and who she cares about more

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