Recap: 'Vampire Diaries' - 'The Hybrid'

A lot of people confront obstacles in their relationships, but most pale in comparison to what Elena is facing with Stefan. Instead of the usual "my parents don't approve" or "his ex-girlfriend keeps hanging around," Elena has to get past the fact that her boyfriend has run off with a hybrid werewolf/vampire on a killing spree that involves ripping people into bits and pieces. I guess this is what they call true love -- accepting someone else's flaws, even when they're felonies. 

Of course, Elena's dedication to Stefan isn't easy for Damon to handle. Now that Stefan's killed his fake girlfriend Andie, Damon's pretty comfortable with washing his hands of the guy -- and of course we know that at least some part of him is hoping that eventually Elena will find it in her heart to give up on Stefan and move on to him. So when Elena confronts Damon about Stefan, he's a little cranky. He wishes she would just accept that Stefan is gone, and he doesn't mean "geographically." Elena isn't buying it. If Stefan were truly gone, would he have called her? Touche!  Read More...


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