The Office Recap: A Change Is Gonna Come

Eighth seasons are cursed. Eight is the season That 70s Show lost Eric Foreman, The X-Files lost Mulder, and The Simpsons lost Homer. (Remember Mike Grimes, the character Homer Simpson drove to suicide? He took the show’s humanity with him.) And eight is, of course, the season The Office lost Dunder Mifflin regional manager Michael Scott. The end of season seven made quite the fuss out of who would replace the irreplaceable. James Spader, playing Robert California, got the job, sort of. In an unusually exposition-heavy cold open, we learn that Robert California arrived sometime over the summer for his first day at Dunder Mifflin and was so disgusted that he hopped in his car, sped to corporate headquarters, and persuaded Jo (Kathy Bates) to give him her job as CEO. Then California decided to drive back to Scranton, promote Andy Bernard to regional manager, and hang around in the conference room to do, well, it wasn’t clear. (Oh, and he apparently brought Gabe back with him.) So, to replace Steve Carell, The Office has James Spader, and to replace Michael Scott, the office has Andy Bernard. The new opening credits culminate with Andy at the manager’s desk, thereby officially, absolutely, 100 percent cementing his role as Scranton regional manager and Michael Scott replacement. Read More...


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