One Piece Season 10 Episode 434 Review: All Forces Have Gathered!...

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Outside of the disastrously dull side plot special storyline about nothing tied by a whisper of a thread to a new movie, I've really enjoyed watching One Piece since the early 420's when I started in on it as I watch the DVD releases of the first hundred episodes roll out. Sadly, that enjoyment slows down a fair bit with this episode, as it's a bit of running around that just feels off in general. A lot of it is focused on waiting for Luffy and the gang to arrive on level for and it lacks any sort of tension because of poop gags.

Yes, poop gags.

While it was obvious what was going to happen to Luffy and the others at the top of the well on level three, what was waiting for them at the bottom is where the interest is. The boiling pit of blood as its termed is one of the more brutal places in Impel Down for good reason with its intense heat and intense physical labor as well as the way the guards cruelly run the place, executing prisoners as they see fit. There are some familiar faces here, going back to the Baroque Works days, but the majority of the time is not spent on the prisoners nor those in Luffy's group.

Where it spends most of its time is with the Warden and his underlings as they wait in the main area where they figure Luffy will come through. If they end up falling through the central well, there's no worry there since they're all Devil Fruit people and falling into the boiling water will kill them. Sadly, this is where the episode is at its worst in terms of being entertaining. The warden spends his time in his enclosure where he doesn't want to get exposed to anything while everyone else mills around outside. Worse, the warden's place also apparently doubles as a toilet, complete with sound effects that really make you cringe. The usual banter goes on with the vice warden talking about how much he wants the wardens job and we see various other Mino-creatures that are waiting for their chance to see some action, but it's mostly a whole lot of hurry up and wait going on here until Luffy arrives.

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