THE GOOD WIFE “Feeding The Rat” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Feeding The Rat" Season 3 Episode 1 – When that baseline kicks in and those elevator doors open, reminiscent of the finale last season, you know the Kings are going for a different tone this year. It’s a far cry from the opening scene of season one, with Alicia Florrick looking tired and dowdy, almost clinging to Peter, humiliated in front of the flashing bulbs. Now she’s positively glowing, and if that’s thanks to some well placed lighting, kudos. She’s wearing red dresses, sultry lipstick. Her haircut is hot. This is a new Alicia Florrick from the opening of the first season.

Robert and Michelle King have always strived to represent hot topics in their cases, and there is nothing hotter on the social-political spectrum right now than the Palestinian bid for statehood at the UN this year. There was an attempt to make some sort of political hay or send some message as Eli Gold (the terrific Alan Cumming) takes on a client who wants him to battle Islamaphobia, starting off with defending a Palestinian scholarship student who was arrested in a clash between Palestinian students and Jewish students at a university protest, days after the brutal murder of a Jewish college student. For anyone who had the slightest bit of awareness about the Middle East and how the American news media works, this subplot, driving the episode, was difficult to stomach. There were several moments which made me want to dig a hole and stuff my head into a ground, much the same way the Aaron Sorkin and the Hugo Chavez episodes did. If the Kings strived to make a point or instigate a discussion, they failed, since it was very much a one sided case. Read More...


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