Supernatural Promo: Sam's Going Bananas in Episode 7.02

Wow.  How's that for a season premiere?  Supernatural returned and fans were on the edge of their seats throughout the entire episode.  Then it seemed like everything would be okay.  Until we were left with yet another crazy cliffhanger.

Castiel went on a "right the wrongs" rampage with his new god-like powers - smiting liars and non-believers.  Back at Bobby's house, Dean decided to fix the Impala.  After all, there was absolutely nothing he could really do to stop Cas.  Until they came up with the idea to summon and bind Death.  They performed the ritual and Death was not pleased to be called to stop Castiel or help the Winchesters.  Cas showed up soon after, he and Death had words, and he unbound him before disappearing. Read More...


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