Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Review: Suffering For Your Sins and Choices

Personally, I thought the seventh season premiere of Supernatural was satisfying.  I'll admit that I wasn't completely insistent that Castiel had to remain on the show, but I was saddened when he essentially turned "evil".  It's hard to let go of a character that many of us had grown to love over the years.  And yet, Castiel got his moment of redemption.  For one small moment, there was hope.  But because this is Supernatural, that hope was stripped from us, albeit in a very cool manner.

Suffering For Your Sins

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Castiel somehow packed a season-long arc into a single episode.  After attaining god-like powers in the previous season's finale, Cas benevolently decided to let the Winchesters and Bobby live, if only because he didn't really consider them a threat.  As long as they were willing to stay out of his way, he would let them be.  So Sam and Dean headed back to Bobby's house to wait.  And wait and wait.  Dean repaired the Impala while Castiel traveled the world to kill hypocrites and liars.  Along the way, he also killed angels who had supported Raphael in Heaven (in what was possibly the coolest visual shot of the entire episode). Read More...


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