Recap: 'Fringe' Premiere - 'Neither Here Nor There'

When last we met, "Fringe" fans, a lot of you were unhappy with me. Whereas the Season 3 worked like gangbusters for most of you, to me it felt hollow, cheap, and too clever by half. Staging a future that will no longer exist thanks to Peter’s intervention and a time-travel twist stolen from "Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure" simply didn’t do it for me. ("Doomsday Device…remember a Doomsday Device!" I can hear Walter Bishop, Esquire, saying.) Did that undo all of my good feelings towards the show? Of course not! It’s a stellar show that got away from its strengths in the final hour. Having the show back on my television now makes me happy. But I’m still wary.

Here’s the problem: it’s not as if the show ever planned on keeping Peter off the show for good. It didn’t make a bold, fundamental change to the show’s structure when it erased Peter from existence. In a way, I’m glad, since the interplay between Olivia and The Bishop Boys sits at the heart of what makes this show work. On the other hand, we now have in the show’s present the same problem we had in its potential future: the people that we’ve followed for three seasons are gone, replaced by variants that possess the same DNA but slightly different personalities, behaviors, demeanors, and histories. Read More...


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