Fringe 4.01 "Neither Here Nor There" Review

As I’m sure you’re all more than aware, Fringe returned tonight after a painfully long summer hiatus with a premiere that, in many ways, felt like a pilot. "Neither Here Nor There" serves the function of introducing us to this new, confusing world wherein Peter Bishop, to quote the enigmatic Observers, "never existed".

Even after all these months, I’m still no closer to figuring out quite what it means to say Peter never existed. Initially, I had a huge problem with this in terms of consistency and plot (not to mention that I like the character). I’d have a hard time believing Walter would be willing to tear a hole between the universes unless it was to save his son. Thankfully, tonight’s episode (maybe) cleared that up a little bit: I now take it to mean that Peter did actually exist, he just never "lived to become a man". My guess is that September still distracted Walternate, which would also explain why it’s still September’s mess to clean up, so Walter still had to cross over and take Peter. Presumably, Peter then died on this side. Walter had to watch his son die twice and lost his tether to the world; Walternate had his son stolen and vowed revenge. However, I do wonder why the Observers, if they have enough power to completely erase someone from time, couldn’t simply stop September from distracting Walternate in the first place. Read More...


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