'Supernatural' Season 7 Premiere Recap: How Do You Fight God?

Season 7 of Supernatural began with a bang as Sam, Dean and Bobby struggled to fight the new God, Castiel. But by the end of the episode, God wasn't the biggest threat as a new foe emerged. 

In the aftermath of Cas becoming God, he became scary and vengeful, running across the world to kill any hypocritical, anti-gay preachers (because God is indifferent toward sexual orientation) while disbanding the KKK and curing lepers. That might sound fine, but he's also killing motivational speakers and anyone who might claim to be spiritual or religious, so Cas really went off the deep end. He eventually tracks down Crowley to make a new deal: Crowley stays alive and returns as the King of Hell, but Cas gets to decide which souls go to Hell.

While Cas is on his World Wrath Tour, Dean puts all his time and effort into restoring the Impala to mint condition (again). And Sam is busy coping with hallucinations of fire and brimstone now that the wall in his head is down. Read More...



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