'Supernatural' Recap: Have Faith That It Will Get Worse

When "Supernatural" first started seven years ago, it was just a show about two brothers with a cool car, saving people and hunting things while they searched for their father.  I had no idea that it would nearly double its ratings in the fourth season—thanks to passionate fans and the internet—or that it would snarkily and bravely tackle such enormous themes as religion, God and the true meaning of faith.  But season six ended with everyone's favorite angel, Castiel, declaring himself the new God after bingeing on Purgatory’s doomed souls with as much gusto as Dean (Jensen Ackles) attacks a cherry pie.  Season finales and premieres can be hit-or-miss for a show with such imaginative mythology, but this was arguably the best since season two’s opener, "In My Time of Dying," and it hopefully set the tone for what could be a truly epic season. Read More...



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