TV Review: HBO's 'Boardwalk Empire' Season 2

When I initially reviewed HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" last year, I was extremely enthusiastic. But I also included a somewhat strange caveat, writing, "I'll admit that a small part of me wonders if "Boardwalk Empire" is, in fact, too easy to embrace, too easy to be impressed by."
My odd compliment/complaint was that while "Boardwalk Empire" arrived fully formed -- thanks in large part to Martin Scorsese's Emmy-winning work on the pilot -- it was a show that wore its greatness (or at least its very-goodness) on the surface. Viewers with a little background in "The Sopranos" and "The Untouchables" and a few other clear predecessors could sit right down, enjoy the show tremendously and not worry about dwelling on or digesting "Boardwalk Empire," in a way that HBO classics like "The Wire" or "Deadwood" sometimes required. 

Sepinwall and some other fans have argued that the show found itself and made The Leap (as we like to say) in later episodes after starting off slow, but I personally found it instantly accessible and thought the first season was, qualitatively, a very flat line. That's not an insult, but I guess it could be an insult. Read More...


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