'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Lost causes, awkward nudity, and dead girls, man.


"Vampire Diaries" fans! There you are. I'm sorry that this recap is so late; it won't happen again. Or maybe it will. I have no idea. I'll admit right off the bat -- this wasn't my all-time favorite episode, but thanks to a few awesome moments at the end, and one big twist, I was definitely left satisfied. Cue up those DVRs, if they haven't eaten the episode in the days I've been amiss. Previously on "The Vampire Diaries": Elijah was here, and things were better. Simon Camden grew a beard. Matt and Jeremy had a bro-off. Caroline and Tyler got naked together. Stefan cried beautiful tears. 8:01 - Nina Dobrev is as good as ever in this episode, but man, is Elena annoying. She still believes in Stefan because she got a creepy mouth-breather phone call? Let's all remember that while we saw Stefan's man-tear covered angstface, she didn't. She just knows that she...



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