Pan Am Review and Sneak Peeks

Set in 1963, Pan Am is one of two period shows premiering this fall.  Fortunately, it's far better than the other period show (The Playboy Club on NBC).  In fact, ABC's Pan Am is a fun throwback to the days when flying was stylish and extremely enjoyable.

Four stewardesses are the focus of Pan Am.  But don't think that they're just pretty women who serve drinks.  Pan Am stewardesses had to look perfect, but they were also highly-educated and multi-lingual.

First there's bohemian Maggie (Christina Ricci), who acts like a professional at work so that she has a chance to travel the world.  French stewardess Collete (Karine Vanasse) gets herself into an unfortunate situation with a married man in the pilot.  Laura (Margot Robbie) is the new girl on the crew and recently joined Pan Am after running away from her own wedding.  She's also featured on Life Magazine as the face of the new "Jet Age".  Saucy Kate (Kelli Garner) is Laura's sister and is often jealous of her sister's publicity, but she's hiding a few secrets.  She's been recruited by the government to act as a spy.  As a woman who has access to rich and famous passengers, she's the perfect person to act as a government courier and keep an eye on what happens in the sky.  Finally, there's the mysterious - and AWOL - stewardess Bridget (guest star Annabelle Wallis). Read More...


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