'The Good Wife' Season 3 Premiere Recap

['The Good Wife' - 'A New Day']

The day has finally come. It's a new season of 'The Good Wife' -- 'A New Day' if you will -- and a brand new Alicia.

Getting this out of the way: I like her hair. It makes total sense that Alicia would change her hair to go along with her liberation. There's been a lot of talk about it since the new promos came out over the summer, but it's here, it's great, let's move on.

We saw Alicia growing last year, getting a bit more edge, sort of sampling her desires. This year? She's incredible. It's the character viewers have wanted her to be. Watching the character growth over the last two years makes her all the more special now. The way Alicia handled the judge and showed no extra attention to Cary during the whole case really drove the point home.

If you were having any doubts what kind of feel 'The Good Wife' would have this season, just take a glimpse at those visually stunning opening credits.


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