‘Amazing Race,’ Season Premiere: TV Recap

We start out with an introduction to the 11 new teams, who are all arriving at a Chinese temple in L.A. This season’s contestants include two previous winners of "Survivor," a former NFL player and his wife, two Las Vegas cocktail waitresses/showgirls, and two Olympic snowboarders.

The contestants have to find an umbrella with the right letters that spell out their first destination: TAIPEI, TAIWAN. The Olympic snowboarders, Andy and Tommy, solve the clue first. The former NFL player and his wife, Marcus and Amani, are a close second. They squeal with victorious adrenaline and get keys to an SUV and must go to LAX Airport to catch a flight.

The two cocktail waitresses, Kaylani and Lisa, are last to solve the puzzle, and as they stop and ask directions at a gas station (sure to be a recurring scene throughout the show), one of them drops her passport. Oops. Big mistake, especially in the first five minutes of the show. She discovers that it’s missing and they go back to the gas station, but can’t find the passport. Read More...



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