Castle: Stana Katic Shares How Beckett Is Crazy In Love With Castle ... Oh, And What's Ahead For This Season Too

Stana Katic is probably the best advocate of the shippers that desperately want Castle and Beckett to get together already. Out of the entire cast, she is the one who has always supported the idea of the two leads pursuing a romantic relationship and how that would not ruin the show. There is no Moonlighting curse, people. All there is here is good writing and bad writing. We have examples on both so we know it is possible to be successful after the two leads finally resolve that sexual tension that drives the fans crazy.

Katic sat down with TV Line's Matt Mitovich, and revealed just what is going on in Detective Kate Beckett's mind after everything that went down since the season 3 finale. Poor girl has had a lot going on: her Captain and mentor betrayed her and then died to protect her, she got shot and almost died, Castle declared his undying love for her and she has absolutely no leads on her mother's case anymore. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster, right? It's no surprise that she went back to her therapy sessions, even after being approved in her psich evaluation. Read More...


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