Recap: 'The Amazing Race' Season 19 Premiere - 'Kindness of Strangers'

[Just as my "Survivor" recaps used to be in Monkeys as Critics but migrated over here, my "Amazing Race" recaps are going to be in my blog from now on.]
Welcome back to "The Amazing Race," which kicked off its 19th installment on Sunday (September 25) with an episode that's probably most accurately described as "Amazing Race"-esque.
That is to say that it combined a slew of the things that most annoy me about "The Amazing Race" all in one poorly designed leg and yet still found a way to deliver enough entertainment to keep me hooked until the very end, when it devolved into what, as always, frustrates me most.
So yes, Sunday's episode was 'Amazing Race"-esque.
Click through for my recap of Sunday's leg, which will end with a bit of a team-by-team breakdown, as is my premiere tradition...

The first thing I'll say is that thing I say whenever it's applicable: "The Amazing Race" should always have a two-hour premiere or at least a 90-minute premiere. You should never force me to learn the identities of 11 teams, 22 Racers, in one hour. There's just no way to fit in enough details in that short a period to let viewers take a rooting interest pro or con on that many teams.  Read More...


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