'Breaking Bad' - 'Crawl Space': Better off Ted

A review of tonight's "Breaking Bad" coming up just as soon as I feel sorry for your tastebuds... 

"You are done." -Gus

"Breaking Bad" was off the air for so long in between seasons 3 and 4 that a great number of TV shows lived out entire lifespans in between. Some were terrible ("Outsourced," "Feces My Dad Says"), some were forgettable ("Undercovers," "The Whole Truth"), and a few were pretty freakin' great. One of those was FX's hard-boiled buddy comedy "Terriers" - and if you didn't see it at the time, I highly, highly endorse downloading the series on iTunes or Amazon (Fox Home Entertainment isn't interested in a DVD release at the moment), and, in the event you do that, I also wouldstronglysuggest skipping ahead to the paragraph after the one-word paragraph - which, among other notable things, made good use of Ted Beneke himself, Christopher Cousins, during the hiatus. 

Cousins played a wealthy land developer named Robert Lindus who got involved in a variety of shady deals, and who ran afoul of our heroes, low-down private eyes Hank and Britt. Lindus wound up in jail for a while, then asked Hank and Britt to bail him out and help him flee from the real big bads, and along the way his impatience to escape eventually put him square in the path of an oncoming car, and he died very suddenly and very stupidly.  Read More...



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