Breaking Bad 4.11 Review

Tonight’s episode was one of the three final installments in season four of Breaking Bad. A season that has pushed and pulled on the elements in the fabric of the entire story so much that in order to resolve the plot—things are going to have to change by the final hour. Walter White is experiencing the complete breakdown of all the facets of his life that he no longer has control over. Oh sure, he can briefly control the Hank situation by preventing him from winding up at the site of Gus’s meth lab by throwing himself and his brother-in-law into oncoming traffic.  I bet a tiny part of him felt damn good for doing it too, as though he finally had a say in something again after an entire season of getting owned by Gus in every single way. Yet it also showed that the only thing the once grand Heisenberg can do is hold things off—in this situation Walt can’t make anything stop or go away he can merely stall.

So far this has really been Walt’s weakest season yet in terms of his ability to take action successfully. The man who just a couple of episodes ago was nattering on about never giving up control in the face of anything to a fellow cancer patient has spent the majority of this year either hatching half-cocked schemes against Gus or wallowing at the bottom of the bottle. Yeah he’s been drinking an awful lot this year and it’s not doing anything to help him survive. His despair at being bested has kept him on the sidelines while a number of other factors have sprung up to make him increasingly isolated. Read More...


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