Naruto Season 1 Episode 5 You Failed! Kakashi's Final Decision Episode Recap

It is revealed that Kakashi had in fact used a "Substitution Jutsu" to evade Sasuke's volley of kunai and shuriken. In his place is a smoking, pin-cushioned log, which drops to the ground. Kakashi reappears and resumes the fight with the students, paying more attention to Sasuke and Naruto than Sakura, who is in hiding in some bushes. As Sasuke and Kakashi battle farther away, Naruto, who had been dangling upside-down from a snare, manages to free himself with a kunai. Unfortunately for Naruto, he merely activates a snare that was placed underneath the initial snare. He is left dangling from the second snare.

The melee continues as Kakashi exploits each of the member's weaknesses. Kakashi deals with Sakura by luring her into a genjutsu, which in this case is Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique. The genjutsu causes Sakura to see Sasuke pierced with twenty or so kunai knives, and she faints pathetically.

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