'Breaking Bad' recap: The $600,000 Mistake

"When did wrong become a problem for you?"

That's Skyler talking to Ted in this week's episode, "Crawl Space," asking him why he won't accept Walt's "illicit gambling winnings" to pay back the IRS. But maybe she should be asking a different question: When did wrongstop being a problem for her and Walt?

Lately, they've gotten such a phenomenal thrill out of swindling car wash owners, blowing up cars, and cooking up poison for Gus, that it's easy to wonder, What's the point of being good? But, once upon a time, Walt had an actual answer to that now-rhetorical question: One should do what's right for the sake of one's family. Remember when, way back in the first season, Walt was faced with his first major moral quandary, deciding whether or not to take a man's life? He was down in Jesse's basement, staring down a chained-up meth distributor, and he made a list of reasons to kill the guy versus reasons to save him. On the "let him live" side: "It's the moral thing to do." "Won't be able to live with yourself." "Murder is wrong!" "Judeo-Christian principles." On the "reasons to kill him" side, there's only one thing listed: "He'll kill your entire family if you let him go." Read More...



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