'Good Wife': It's 'A New Day'

The third-season premiere of The Good Wife, an hour titled "A New Day," was a sustained series of pairings: Will and Alicia; Alicia vs. Peter; Alicia vs. Cary; a Muslim student accused of murdering a Jewish student; Kalinda and investigator Sophia; Eli and a crisis-management client; Grace and her new tutor; and, in the end, the twosome that provoked the crime that was the legal case of the week.

The pairings were emphasized, as directed by Brooke Kennedy, in the visuals. At the beginning of each of the first two scenes, a solitary figure emerged energetically from an elevator (first Alicia, then Will), the opening doors and full-front close-ups emphasizing their renewed vitality. The dialogue, in a teleplay by show creators Robert and Michelle King, had its own agenda, either pushing the new, single-lady-lifestyle Alicia is living ("You look different," said a pleasantly puzzled Eli, not merely referring to Julianne Margulies’ snazzy, Theda Bara vamp half-bangs) or making with the puns ("Diane thinks I’m going too hard on you," said Will to Alicia as he pushed up against her in his apartment). Read More...



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