'Drop Dead Diva' creator talks season finale

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t yet watched Drop Dead Diva‘s season 3 finale, stop reading and come back to us once you’re done gasping, cheering, and/or tearing up. Creator Josh Berman answers our burning questions below. 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you always know season 3 would end with Grayson finding out the truth?
Josh Berman: We knew that the cliffhanger had to be that Grayson was gonna find out the truth, but we didn’t necessarily know how we were gonna do it. And then we realized that it needed to come through Stacy. You hear all these stories in real life about men who marry their dead wife’s sister or dead wife’s best friend, and when looking at the psychology of that, it’s always about them trying to find someone who’s most like the woman they loved and lost. On our show, the woman who’s most like Deb is Stacy. So it makes sense that in a case that brought them together, he would begin to see the Deb in Stacy and start to fall for her. That felt very organic. Read More...



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