Lottery Winnings Go Straight to Peter's Head on 'Family Guy' Premiere (VIDEO)

The Griffins won the lottery on the season premiere of 'Family Guy' (Sun., 9PM ET on FOX), but don't worry that this is going to be like that last lame season of 'Roseanne.' They blew through the winnings -- twice, actually -- by the end of the episode.

But while they were sitting pretty, Peter let it go a little too far, torturing his friends for his own amusement. Before he turned the tables on them, though, Quagmire and Joe were doing the classic things friends do when one of them comes into a large sum of money.

Quagmire was looking for an investment while Joe was suddenly needing to throw a private concert for his wife. Even more egregious, they were laughing awfully hard at his jokes.


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